Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Greensboro, North Carolina

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

We’ve figured out what you’re looking for. You’re seeking for the best Greensboro kitchen exhaust system cleaning. Consider it a happy day if you’ve arrived on this page, because you’ve just discovered the greatest exhaust hood cleaning company in the area!

It is critical for your business to have your commercial kitchen and kitchen exhaust system in good working order. Why? That’s because your restaurant’s fate is determined by the condition of your exhaust system. A filthy, malfunctioning, or clogged exhaust system might set your restaurant on fire, get you a bad inspection score, or cost you a lot of money in repairs. Actually, the list could go on and on, but we’ll stop here. You’ve probably figured out what I’m talking about.

So what does a kitchen exhaust system cleaning by us include?

Greensboro Hood Cleaning kitchen exhaust system cleaning service can help you with a variety of issues. Every restaurant is its own creature, and your needs may differ from your neighbor’s. As a result, your exceptional exhaust cleaning service will start with an assessment. We’ll determine the extent of the project and provide a cost estimate during that initial meeting/evaluation. Learn more about our company by visiting our About page.

Here are some things you can expect from us when we arrive on the job:
  • A full inspection of your kitchen exhaust hood system
  • Education of potential risk factors that your kitchen exhaust system might have
  • Pressure washing, steam cleaning, and FDA-approved chemical-cleaning as needed
  • Maintenance and repairs, as needed (by the way, we won’t just do something and surprise you at the end of the day, we will always inform you of anything that needs repaired and tell you whether or not it is urgent or can wait)
  • Respect and consideration for you, your property, your employees, and customers

Finally, you may anticipate a thorough check. Inspectors are notorious for being fussy and looking for any opportunity to deduct points. Make it impossible for them to do so! Make an appointment with Greensboro Hood Cleaning today, and we’ll ensure that your hood system is spotless. In fact, if you want us to, we can clean your complete kitchen, but those details are on the commercial kitchen cleaning or additional services cleaning pages.

How do you know when it’s time to get your commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaned?

The frequency with which you clean your commercial kitchen exhaust hood is determined by the type of commercial kitchen you manage. Cleanings are required every 90 days in some restaurants, but others can go up to a year between cleanings. It depends on a few of factors: the amount of frying you perform and the insurance restrictions in your area.

That’s right, we said insurance. Having your kitchen exhaust system cleaned on a regular basis is frequently required by insurance companies or the local board of health. If you have any questions concerning the requirements, please contact them.

By all circumstances, you don’t want to be shunned at your next inspection due to grease buildup and its associated risks. As a result, you’ll want to watch out for a few things.

It’s time for a professional cleaning if your equipment can’t be scrubbed clean anymore. Do a brief inspection yourself while the exhaust fan is running. Listen for any rattling or strange noises. Make a mental note of the exhaust fan’s sound so you’ll recognize it if it starts producing strange noises. A rattling exhaust fan can cause plenty of issues. It usually signifies that the grease build-up has reached a stage where it is interfering with the operation. The grease buildup is most likely creating the fan’s unbalance, which can result in a fire, electrical problems, or the fan kicking the bucket at any time.

We love making you shine

We trained for a long time so that we could make this profession a reality. Our team is up-to-date on the latest codes and we are educated in the safety standards. And obviously we are damn good at cleaning commercial kitchens! When we leave, your place will look stunning.

We love doing what we do because it allows us to help other businesses. When we leave, inspectors are blown away by the condition of the commercial kitchens. That’s rewarding for the restaurant owner and us as well. We want to make you shine. Call us or visit our Contact page today to schedule an appointment.

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