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You might need a hood cleaning in response to a fire marshall’s request. Or you might have a request from your insurance company to prove that you’re getting your restaurant hood cleaning regularly. Or you might simply find that it’s time to replace a hood cleaning company that’s not meeting your needs. In any case – we’d like to earn your business and make sure that your kitchen is being taken care of.

Lots of Our Current Customers Have a Message for You....

5 Star Hood Cleaning

“Excellent results.  Our hoods have never looked better or performed better.  Before our hood cleaning, our exhaust system sounded labored and we doubted that it was performing well.  After Greensboro Hood Cleaners did their magic – you could actually hear the difference in the airflow and the wobble sounds were gone.  They left our kitchen spotless after the cleaning and the hood itself looked incredible.”

Tina Jay,
Restaurant Owner, Greensboro NC

5 Star Hood Cleaning

“I just started working in an assisted living facility in the kitchen.  I noticed the hood had not been cleaned in awhile so I called my friends as Greensboro Hood Cleaning.  They were excited that I had not forgot the great work they did in my previous job and happy to have another satisfied customer.

Grace Perwein,
Food Services Manager, Greensboro NC

5 Star Hood Cleaning

 “I have a property management company and recently had a restaurant close its doors. I called Greensboro Hood Cleaning to give me a quote on cleaning the hood. Their price was reasonable so I scheduled them up. They showed me before and after pictures and I could not believe how gross the hood, filters and turbine were. From now on I will demand our restaurant tenants use Greensboro Hood Cleaning and schedule them on a quarterly basis.”

Andy Garcia,
Property Manager,
Greensboro NC

5 Star Hood Cleaning

 “We got a new fire marshall in town who is cracking down on restaurants who are doing their own hood cleaning. They are now requesting restaurants us a professional. I called Greensboro Hood Cleaning and much to my surprise, they were able to schedule me for a hood cleaning within three days. Their work was above and beyond. They took before and after pictures for me to show the fire marshal as well as put a sticker on my hood to prove I have them out. They even gave us a recommendation to have the hoods cleaned every three months which I will adhere to.”

Aaron Roundtree,
Restaurant Owner,
Greensboro NC

Greensboro Hood Cleaning

Greensboro Hood Cleaning has Technicians that are 100% Trained and Certified

Greensboro Hood Cleaning has been serving the greater Greensboro, North Carolina area for years.  We have trained professionals who have not only been cleaning restaurant hoods, but we have cleaned hoods in schools, special event centers, assisted living homes, hospitals, hotels – well just about any place that has a commercial kitchen.

The National Fire Protection Association Code 96 is our bible when it comes to training our technicians.  These standards are important to follow as it these are the standards and codes that local governments adopt.  The codes are put in place to prevent electrical, fire and other related hazards which could lead to a huge economic loss.  We believe it is important to prevent property damage, injury and even death by making sure all technicians are thoroughly trained before they are able to go out into the field.

The codes also give examples of how often a commercial kitchen should get their hood cleaned.  If the hood is not cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, contaminates and grease can build up causing grease to spill over onto the roof.  This creates a serious fire hazard because the smallest spark could set the grease on fire.  We have seen this happen and the damage to the building could cause the commercial kitchen to close.  Another reason to get a professional cleaning done is for insurance purposes.  If a fire happens and the owner/manager cannot document that they have been having their hood cleaned professionally they may not cover the cost of the damage.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning and Total Inspection 

At Greensboro Hood Cleaning we believe it is important to clean grease not only in the ducts but the fans, turbines and any place the grease has accumulated.  Once the grease is removed, we polish the hood so it will have that “like new” look.  Our technicians will put a dated sticker on the hood so inspectors can see that the hood was professionally cleaned.

We are finding that more and more the health department and fire department are asking commercial kitchens to have the hood professionally cleaned.  It is estimated that sixty-three percent of the fires that were reported was due to the buildup of contaminates and grease.  We have had many calls from panicked restaurant owners to get their hood cleaned as soon as possible because they could be shut down if it is not cleaned within a certain period of time.

How Often Should a Hood Cleaning be done on a Commercial Exhaust System?

Many restaurant owners do not know how often they should have a professional hood cleaning done.  The following is the recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association:

  • If a commercial kitchen is using solid fuels like charcoal, coal, wood or wood pellets, the hood should be cleaned once a month.
  • If a commercial kitchen is open twenty-four hours a day, wok cooking or charbroiling (especially hamburger places), the hood should be cleaned once every three months.
  • There are many kitchens that see moderate use so they may need only have a professional hood cleaning done twice a year.
  • They recommend annually if the kitchen does a low volume of cooking. Places like these are typically senior centers, churches, day camps and seasonal businesses.

Our team of professionals will inspect the system and made recommendations, if any, for repairs.  They will also determine how often the exhaust system should be cleaned and place that on the sticker as well.  This is great for the restaurant owner/manager as it keeps the health department and fire department at bay and also satisfies the insurance company.

We Pride Ourselves as Hood Cleaning Professionals

When you call Greensboro Hood Cleaning, you will be greeted professionally.  Many times, it is difficult for us to give you a quote over the phone because every commercial kitchen is set up differently.  Depending the last time you have the hood professionally cleaned, we may need to have one of our technicians come out to see how much buildup has occurred since the last cleaning.  Also, the size of the hood comes into play and also the accumulation that may be on the roof.

There have been many times we have come in to give an estimate and discover the previous hood cleaners were not removing the grease that spilled over on the roof.  We have had to take shovels up to the roof to remove the pounds of grease.  This is very dangerous as it can severely damage the roof cause the roof to have to be replaced.  Also, if there is rain or snow melt the grease will flow with the water and run down the side of the building into the storm drains.  This can cause an environmental hazard which the restaurant owner/manager will be at fault.  Fines and clean up can be pretty costly.

We talk to many commercial kitchens that rely on their employees to clean the hood.  Since they are not professionally trained, they may not know every place that should be cleaned.  It is also important to dispose of the grease properly.  For more information on us, please look at our About Us before you give us a call.  We also partner with Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros to help with our national clientele.  

We Provide You with the Proof You Need with a Sticker and Digital Pictures

When you hire us, our technicians will take before and after digital pictures for your records.  We will also place a sticker on the hood bearing our name showing the date the hood was cleaned.  In many cases, commercial kitchen owners/managers have seen a decrease in their insurance as a result.  It is also helpful should a fire inspector and health inspector stop by for one of their “surprise” visits. 

Contact us today to schedule your hood cleaning and you will see why our clients love us! We have associates in New Orleans too.


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