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Finally, an exhaust hood cleaning company that’s worth your time and money.

It shouldn’t be a rat race to find an exhaust hood cleaning provider. Picking up the phone and dialing our number should be simple. Don’t waste your time with companies who aren’t interested in you. Call us if your exhaust hood needs to be cleaned. When you’re working with When you work with Greensboro Hood Cleaning, you’re working with the best of the best.

To become the best hood cleaners in Greensboro, our team of exhaust hood cleaning professionals put in a lot of effort. Our work is important to us. You’ll need a kitchen that passes inspection as well as a hood system that impresses inspectors.

We want to be proud of our work and proud to eat in that restaurant when we finish a commercial kitchen cleaning service. Yes. That was just said. Consider it. We go inside and see the restaurant’s darkest and dirtiest corners. So if we’re willing to come into your restaurant and enjoy a meal, it’s because we feel we did a fantastic job! To learn more about our company, please visit our About Us page.

Exhaust hood cleaning isn’t just a luxury.

If you’ve worked in a commercial kitchen for a long, you’re probably aware that you need to clean your exhaust hood on a regular basis. Some novice restaurant managers may not realize that exhaust hood cleaning is more than a luxury. Having a restaurant’s exhaust hood system cleaned on a regular basis is frequently required by insurance providers and the board of health.

Because each restaurant is unique, “regularly” is a bit of a fuzzy area. We recommend contacting your insurance carrier or the board of health if you have questions about specific criteria. At general, an exhaust hood cleaning should be performed every 90 days in a restaurant that conducts a lot of frying.

So what does an exhaust hood cleaning include?

The functionality of a commercial kitchen relies heavily on exhaust hood systems. Filtration of smoke and grease is one of their most vital functions. Grease fires are avoided with this method. The problem is that, while they are designed to prevent grease fires, they can also start them. That is, unless they are properly cared for and cleaned.

Grease buildup in the exhaust system could heat up to the point of igniting. Grease fires are particularly dangerous. So here’s what we’ll always perform during a normal exhaust hood cleaning:

  • Full inspection of the system
  • Record and inform restaurant manager or owner of current condition and any potential risk factors present
  • Adequately take apart exhaust hood system and clean thoroughly
  • Apply steam cleaning/pressure washing as needed
  • Use FDA approved cleaning chemicals
  • Offer adequate solutions for any potential risk factors in the exhaust hood system.

Greensboro Hood Cleaning has the advantage of being able to provide various services in addition to exhaust hood cleaning. We can also provide comprehensive commercial kitchen cleaning, commercial kitchen equipment cleaning, and fire extinguisher services, among other services. So, if you enjoy our work, contact us to have your entire restaurant done by us.

Inspectors pay special attention to exhaust hood systems. Despite the fact that we all think of inspectors as restaurant Dr. Evils, they are attempting to assist by pointing up potential risk concerns. But don’t let them get to that stage. Let’s get that THING GLAMOROUS!

Best Exhaust hood cleaners in Greensboro

Working with us means working with the finest. If you own a restaurant in the Greensboro region and need a top hood cleaner, contact us at 206-929-4133 right away.

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